Using 3D software, CNC machines create new challenges for this sector, which needs to reinvent itself according to this new reality, whose production demands require new processes and the updating of technical and technological knowledge.

Natural stone, because of its nobility and durability, currently sees new approaches being possible, as the technological and productive evolution available in the sector enables the creative development of previously unavailable solutions, or with high costs and production time.

Building your ideas


Technology Innovation Design

The vast experience gained over several years in the development and intervention in precision production areas has led to the creation of TID • Technology Innovation Design.
The need for dynamization and modernization, specifically in the sector of natural stone extraction and transformation, was a determining factor for the company’s genesis, by identifying the changes that occur in the sector.

The appreciation of such a noble and esteemed resource, and the willingness to respond to a market with an increasing demand, results in a need for intervention with the aim of empowering companies to face the new challenges. The know-how of TID enables it to provide consulting to improve and optimize established projects, as well as to plan and implement new processes and procedures.

As a result of this accumulated experience, in national and international projects, the creation of the Special Projects area was an absolutely natural step. It aims at the materialization of ideas and concepts, in one-shot projects, in prototyping for validation and production of limited series, as well as in productions of large scale, number and complexity.